The Story Behind our Building Design

The architects at Dialog Design have been working with TWOSE for years on the building and the stages of this project. Many of the concepts of this project are interpreted into the building design.

The formative element of the design are fractured forms that become walls and roofs. The most prominent fractured form is the Arctic Gallery. It is reminiscent of an iceberg with pieces breaking away to define the new entrance lobby. The roofs of these new forms gather and redirect water for re-use in the building and gardens. The south facing wall of the Arctic Gallery fractures apart to reveal solar photovoltaic panels.

Main Floor Design

This addition and renovation aims to respect the original Science Centre while cohesively weaving together the previous and present additions to give the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton a new face for the future. The Science Centre has grown from a white, highly formal building closed off from its surroundings into a multi layered composition which is very much part of the site and the surrounding community.

Views are provided from the plaza to the entrance and through the building connecting the park to the east. Visitor amenity and services are directly accessible from the lobby. A central science centre lobby offers a unique and inspiring look at the diversity and breadth of exhibitions within the building.