A 21st century experience where the guest controls, experiments and engages in learning in STEAM activities

North Wing Science Galleries

The existing Allard Family and Hole Family galleries will be redesigned to address topics of health, science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics in an Alberta context.

For sixteen years, the Body Fantastic exhibition in the Allard Family Gallery has been a destination for millions of visitors to the science centre. It has been a much-loved part of TWOSE’s signature engaging experience and will be taken to a whole new level with the Aurora Project.

This exhibition will be all about how your body functions, how it reacts, and how it performs. You will jump as high as you can, run as fast as your legs will take you, and stretch as far as your ligaments will allow.  You will test your limits, learn what makes you unique, and understand how science can provide a remarkable level of support in keeping us healthy, active, and fit. One of the signature experiences within the gallery will be the ExploraLab. This fully-equipped wet lab will allow visitors to extract and examine their own DNA, test the sugar content of breakfast cereals, and so much more.

In the Hole Family Gallery, visitors will be welcomed to TWOSE’s own Tech Shop, a community-based hub with access to technology, ingenuity, and leaders in the tech field. The gallery will be a lightening-rod, directing the exploration of technology, robotics, coding, and Artificial-Intelligence happening in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. Guests will experiment with the physical world in order to devise creative solutions to unique challenges, and will be connected to current trends in research and development. The Hole Family Gallery will become a space for dream makers, producing the next great filmmaker, robotics inventor, or game designer.

Encouraging big thinkers to explore the limitless potential of tomorrow.