New galleries and exhibitions will replace our most iconic and in-demand experiences in the original Douglas Cardinal Building

Cardinal Building Galleries

The original Douglas Cardinal Building has long served as the home to the engaging galleries that inspire scientific discovery and faces great demand on a regular basis. These spaces will be modernized with infrastructure to provide relevant and bold explorations of science and technology, and the space to handle the thousands of school students who pass through our doors each week.

Included in this space are the two iconic galleries, Space Place and Discoveryland. These two beloved galleries will be completely redesigned providing an enhanced guest experience. In addition, a third gallery, “The Nature Exchange” will be developed allowing the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton to explore Alberta’s natural history and connecting visitors with the world around them.

Discoveryland becomes CuriousCity

The new Early Childhood Learning Centre “CuriousCity” was created with child development in mind and encourages exploration and independence.  Gallery design is inspired by the city we call home and will give our children a sense of place. The signature experience is a series of connected “treehouses” themed as iconic Edmonton buildings and bridges. Children will crawl through sedimentary layers in the river valley, direct airplane traffic at the YEG airport, explore vegetation in the Muttart Conservatory and create lighting displays for the High Level Bridge. CuriousCITY will increase our capacity for this younger audience, while providing an environment to help them grow intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Space Place becomes S.P.A.C.E (Stars, Planets, Astronauts, Comets, Etc.)

The new astronomy gallery will focus on a more investigation -based experience. It will explore our solar system, the celestial objects beyond it, manned space exploration and the tools used to know what’s out there. The exhibits will invite our guests to drive a rover on the moon, pitch a baseball on Mars and discover how a piece of the moon ended up at TELUS World of Science – Edmonton.

Space Gallery 3

The S.P.A.C.E. gallery will include a command centre where a staff scientist will encourage guests to conduct physics experiments and explore the latest space missions.

Nature Exchange Gallery

This gallery invites our guests to explore Alberta’s backyard.  Native Exchange explores our natural history by encouraging visitors to use authentic science tools, observe live animals, investigate and trade found objects from the natural world, and participate in local research projects.

Increased exhibitions to meet customer demand.