Designing a powerful entrance to the North Star Dome

When we started on design work for the North Star Dome, one area of focus was on the entrance to the planetarium.

Currently, there are two entrances to the Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre. The main entrance takes you up several flights of stairs, into the Starlight Room, and then the hallway does a slight jog leaving guests wondering if indeed they are in the right place. The second entrance, which typically serves as the exit, curves around the ramp in the Cardinal Building and has guests taking a long route past classrooms and again leaving the wondering if indeed they are in the correct place.

For the Aurora Project, the challenge put to our designers was to create a dramatic entrance which clearly indicates it leads into the planetarium. A good entrance will build excitement and anticipation so that the guest experience is elevated.

The shows and immersive feeling provided by the North Star Dome will be amazing. By making the entrance a focal point and a key part of the experience, the guest experience will be heighten and thereby improve the learning environment.

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