Join us on an ambitious 20,000 sq. ft. expansion

Just as the Aurora Borealis has the power to unite and inspire onlookers, this project will infuse new life and energy into one of Alberta’s most beloved attractions. This bold new vision will illuminate the amazing world of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in the astonishing range of creativity that is the pinnacle of human achievement.


The $40 million project is underway and your support is needed as we build a science centre that will have a lasting impact on the lives in our community. The gift you provide today will help us to inspire future doctors, engineers, scientists, game developers and more. There is no telling the difference that can be made in the lives of our region’s families as their curiosity is ignited within our doors.

With this change, TELUS World of Science – Edmonton will be able to provide a world-class experience large enough to accommodate the increasing demand.

The North Star Dome

The domed theatre will be transformed into a 21st-century digital visualization theatre, connecting scientific research with computer visualization to help us understand how the universe works.

Portal to the Arctic

This new gallery will root our guests in our unique Edmonton and Alberta experience by engaging them in dynamic hands-on activities on issues facing the circumpolar north, including climate change, resource development and cultural challenges.

North Wing Science Galleries

The existing Hole Family and Allard Family galleries will be reimagined to provide science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an Alberta context.

Cardinal Building Science Galleries

Our two iconic galleries will be reborn to create an exciting new space gallery and a massive early childhood learning centre alongside a new Nature Exchange.

TWOSE is poised to tackle new science that will define Edmonton in the 21st century. This is not incremental change – this is a bold, unique vision of what a science centre can be. It will resonate with the community, reflecting our values as a leader in education and prosperity. It will inspire, educate, and transform!
Alan Nursall
President & CEO, Edmonton Space & Science Foundation/TELUS World of Science – Edmonton